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Natural stone counter tops are becoming more and more popular in Caldwell ID.  Travertine is really a sedimentary rock that forms when mineral water, from hot springs or warm rivers and lakes, percolates via limestone and recrystallizes. Travertine is characterized by all-natural holes and cavities that appear from tiny carbon-dioxide bubbles traveling through the rock. This creates an earthy texture that draws many property owners and designers to travertine for counter tops and more. Travertine is found in warm colors, from creams to golds, giving it a contemporary yet ageless appearance whether in a counter top or a stone tile.

Where Can I Find Travertine Counter tops in Caldwell, ID?

Travertine may be utilized for flooring, walls, countertops, vanities and more. The appeal of choosing travertine for your house or project is its unique distressed texture, although the all-natural cavities may be filled and polished as well.  Find travertine counter tops and more at Tile Outlet in Caldwell, ID.  We’re located on Nampa/Caldwell Blvd. across from D&B.    Get the beauty and quality you deserve.  Make your home stand out with all new travertine counter tops.  They add value and beauty to any home.  Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, we would love to help you with your design decisions.

The best place to find travertine countertops in Caldwell, ID is Tile Outlet.  We’re located conveniently across from D&B Supply on Nampa/Caldwell Blvd.  We’ve got a great selection of natural stone counter tops in stock for you to come and see.  You won’t believe the beauty and quality of these stone slabs.  They will make your Caldwell, ID home more valuable and beautiful and you’ll love the way they feel.

Check out our travertine counter tops below!  Then, visit our Tile Outlet store in Caldwell ID to see for yourself how beautiful they really are.  It’s hard to capture the brilliance and depth of the surfaces with a camera.

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